Cloud mining

Rent substantial mining power
and distribute it to various mining pools.

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start bonus $1.00
6 tariffs

Beginner's Guide Start mining

  • Get a bonus

    Get a bonus of $1.00 for sign-up.

  • Make a deposit

    Make a deposit and start making profits immediately.

  • Account Security

    Enhance your account security with our robust security features. Keep your account information in a secured place.

  • Refer your friends

    Refer your friends and acquaintances to the platform and receive 12% for each referral.

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About us is pleased to welcome you on the platform.
We have created a new and well-planned configuration for your utmost convenience. On our platform, you will find numerous cryptocurrencies available for mining, with the added benefit of being able to deposit and withdraw in these currencies. is the best option for your daily profits, providing a passive earning potential ranging from 200% for 700%. Our platform guarantees swift processing of deposits with automatic execution straight to your balance. Withdrawals can be completed instantly.
We welcome new users with a substantial bonus to confidently manage various mining currencies. For additional bonuses, participate in tasks offered by the administration which can be found in our social network updates.
Stay up-to-date on platform events by signing up. Take advantage of every opportunity to maximize your benefits!


You have the opportunity to explore our advantages when you start using our cloud mining platform. Our services are of the highest quality in the field of cloud mining, providing you with the opportunity to make money without worrying about the technical aspects of mining.

Our tariffs

  • 200%
    for 30 days
    Minimum $1
  • 300%
    for 26 days
    Minimum $50
  • 400%
    for 22 days
    Minimum $100
  • 500%
    for 18 days
    Minimum $250
  • 600%
    for 15 days
    Minimum $500
  • 700%
    for 12 days
    Minimum $1000


Each user receives income from the investments made by their referrals.
Invite your partners to receive a referral bonus of 12%

  • 12%

    12% of the investment made by your partner who has registered directly through your referral link. The earnings are accrued in the system from which the partner made a deposit.

  • Instant

  • Fast

  • Income